Adult Co-Ed Sunday School Classes

College & Young Professionals – Merle Condrey

Emerging adults, from college students to 20-something professionals, make up this conversational Bible study that meets in the conference room. Usually follows the Nurturing Faith series.

Discovery – Nathan Taylor, Melissa Fallen
Discovery is a group of “younger middle” adults, 3o to 40-somethings, many with younger children. In recent years, the class has served as a welcoming point for people who are “new to Central” or who have returned after growing up here. Usually, they follow the Formations Bible Study series. Official start time is 10 a.m., after dropping off children for class at 9:45 a.m.

Relevant Bible Study – Julie Marshall
If you don’t fit someplace else, you might fit here. Eclectic in age, perspective and life experience, the Relevant Bible Class is a small, co-ed discussion-based group. They love to read challenging books together, following a more topical format, and would welcome your visit.

Explorers of Faith – Scott Bailey, Kristi Sanders
Explorers of Faith is a multi-generational group of men and women (couples and singles) who are especially interested in supporting one another through fellowship and friendship in a solid support structure. Many are parents of children, teens, and young adults. They use a variety of studies, currently the Formations series.

Crossing Borders – Nelson Taylor, Doug Cox

This book-study oriented, discussion-based class explores deeper questions of faith, with a particular interests in Celtic and contemplative Christianity. Favorite authors include John Philip Newell and Richard Rohr. The group is intended to provide open space for dialogue for those from diverse theological perspectives.

Journey of Life – Bev Whitlock
A group of men and women in their forties, fifties, and beyond, the Journey of Life Class is interested in learning more about the Bible and how it relates and can be applied to their everyday lives. They are currently using the Formations series, with occasional studies on a book or video series.

Helping Hands – Joe Hyman, Rosy Brugh
The name of the “Helping Hands Class” speaks for itself. Composed of adult couples ranging in age from 50 and up, they share a love of the Lord, studying His word, and fellowship. Many are involved in other church activities such as choir, instrumental ensemble, deacons, ushers, Broken Loaves, CARITAS, preparing Wednesday night suppers, serving on the premises and other committees, bringing the elderly to church, and anything else for which there is a need. The class is led by teachers who promote interaction between the members. Classes are scripturally-based and all opinions and  comments are welcomed and discussed. Our Lord is at the center of all topics.  Growing and maturing in His likeness, as well as sharing His love with others, is always at the forefront. (Uses the Life Lessons Series).