Food Pantry

Food Pantry and Missions at Central Baptist Church in Chesterfield, VirginiaWelcome to Broken Loaves!

Since June 2007, our Central Baptist Food Pantry ministry has been given a new name and an expanded partnership with CCHASM. Broken Loaves now resides in the activities building, located behind our main church building.

What is CCHASM?
CCHASM is the Chesterfield Colonial Heights Alliance for Social Ministry, a non-profit organization that empowers area churches to serve those in need by screening each request for assistance and by providing necessary referrals to social agencies and helping groups.

How does Broken Loaves work?
Our church collects (receives) donations of food and funds for our Broken Loaves ministry. During the week, volunteers from our church and community sort donations and usually purchase additional food in bulk from the Central Virginia Food Bank. Nearly every Saturday morning, rotating teams of volunteers meet with clients to provide groceries and basic toiletries.

Clients are referred by CCHASM and have been given an appointment. Broken Loaves receives a weekly message from CCHASM about who will be coming and when they are to be expected. Clients must be pre-approved through CCHASM’s needs-assessment process.

Who is a Broken Loaves client?
Clients are neighbors from our Chesterfield community who are living with any number of challenges. The stories of these neighbors typically involve loss of employment or a serious illness. They are folks with children or elderly parents at home. Sometimes the main provider is seriously ill, or the family may be caring for a child with significant health problems.

Sometimes they are people who find themselves without family and without the resources to care for themselves. These neighbors are usually in crisis, and display great courage and faith in the midst of their challenges.

Why do we do this?
In our neighbors’ faces we recognize ourselves and that many of us are one paycheck or one medical crisis away from financial devastation. But more importantly, we recognize the face of Christ in our neighbors, from the description in Matthew 25:31-46. Jesus’ entire earthly ministry was one of healing, feeding, and care for the “least of these.”

In Luke 4:14-30, Jesus boldly inaugurated this ministry by proclaiming “good news to the poor.” Ultimately, any of us may discover ourselves to be “the poor” at one time or another, in one way or another. All of us are called to be faithful, and those of us with means are called always to care for the vulnerable – throughout the entire witness of the Old and New Testaments, and most fully exemplified in the person of Jesus. We’re just trying to follow Jesus.

If you feel called to join in this ministry or would like more information, contact Nelson Taylor, Associate Pastor for Music and Mission, at 794-8055. Broken Loaves is always in need of donations of food, funds, and volunteers. Children, youth, and their families are welcome!